I have written for many publications both in Britain and around the world. These include the Australian, Economist, Financial Times, Guardian and spiked-online.

I also have extensive experience both as a guest on the broadcast media and talking at live events. I have appeared on multiple BBC TV and radio channels, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, CNN, RT and Sky News. I am a regular speaker at the annual Battle of Ideas conference in London.

In 2021 I helped found a study group on Hannah Arendt (1906-75), arguably the twentieth century’s greatest political thinker.  We meet once a month or so to discuss her works.

I have written two books. Ferraris for All (Policy Press 2010, paperback edition 2012) is a rebuttal to the green thinkers who argue that we should make do with less. Cowardly Capitalism (Wiley 2001) argues that the financial markets are better seen as characterised by risk aversion rather than rampant risk-taking. I have also contributed to several collected editions on such varied subjects as the specifics of Japanese society, London as a financial centre and Hannah Arendt’s concept of loneliness.

In late 2021 I decided to set up the “radicalism of fools” website on anti-Semitism. It seemed to me both that anti-Semitism was increasing in influence but also that the responses to this baleful trend are generally inadequate.

In my view we need to challenge anti-Semitic ideas rather than try to supress them as a form of hate speech. Attempts to ban bad ideas only leads to them reappearing in new forms.

My personal website can be found at www.danielbenami.com

You can email me at daniel@radicalismoffools.com