The aftermath of the 7 October Hamas pogrom in Israel has made the rethinking of anti-Semitism more urgent than ever. Both the extent and character of this form of hatred is changing. Tragically the open expression of anti-Semitic views is once again becoming respectable. It has also become clearer than ever that the scourge is no longer largely confined to the far right. Woke anti-Semitism and Islamism have become significant forces.

Under these circumstances I am keen not only to maintain this site but to extend its impact. That means raising funds.

The site will remain free for all those who want to read its articles. However, I am hoping that those who can afford to will make a contribution.

For that reason I am modifying the payment tiers for the Radicalism of fools site and extending the benefits.

For new Premium subscribers the price will go up to £100 a year or £10 a month (or the equivalent in other currencies). In return they will receive my new Quarterly Review of Anti-Semitism (from April 2024). They will also receive a signed copy of my Letter on Liberty on Rethinking Anti-Semitism and access to my invitee-only Radicalism of Fools Facebook group.

I will not charge more for existing Premium subscribers. However, if they want to increase their subscription rate to the new level they are are of course welcome to do so. They can contact me about how best to do this.

Finally, for those who are particularly generous and have the means, I am introducing a Patron level. The rate for that will be £250 a year or £25 a month (or the equivalent in other currencies). This will include all the benefits of the Premium level plus a one-to-one discussion with me either face-to-face (if in London) or online.

All money received will be used to fund the essential task of developing a better understanding of anti-Semitism. I am hoping the Radicalism of fools project will play an important role in shaping the debate on tackling this vital challenge.