I am delighted that Novo has published a chapter by me (in German) on how cancel culture strengthens anti-Semitism. It is part of a book on cancel culture and free expression edited by Sabine Beppler-Spahl. The book can be ordered directly from Novo or using online booksellers such as Amazon. The contents page is available to view here.

I cannot publish the whole article here but the English version of the first two paragraphs runs as follows:

“It is hard to think of an area where there appears to be a stronger case for curbing backward views than in relation to anti-Semitism. The long history of Jew hatred, including of course the Holocaust, bears witness to the genocidal potential of that particular form of racism. Under such circumstances it is easy to conclude that the benefits of clamping down on anti-Semitic outbursts sometimes outweigh the importance of free speech.

“Germany is far from unique in having an ugly history of anti-Semitism but its past is particularly blackened by the Nazi period. For that reason Germany’s post-War leaders have often concluded that the Federal Republic has a particular moral responsibility to atone for its predecessor’s sins.”

PS - 2 September 2022. The article is now available to read online in German.